14 July, 2015

Zaccaria's Universe

The recent update of ASK Homework Zaccaria pinball line introduced a new table, bringing the total to an impressive 38, getting closer to the magic number of 47 (the total number of Zaccaria pinballs known to have existed). Only Farsight can boast about having a larger collection, with their current count of 60. The new Zaccaria table is Universe

I gave it a try and my opinion is the same as for almost all Zaccaria pinballs. They are too simplistic to my taste (despite my preferences for oldies). Also, I have tried to adjust the table slope and the flipper strength so as to make the game a little bit less sluggish. Unfortunately there was no appreciable improvement.

Since you can play any Zaccaria pinball thanks to the free play mode, which has been recently implemented, I suggest that you give Universe a try and see for yourself if you like it or not.

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