13 September, 2015

A pinball we can just forget

Since no new pinballs have made their appearance these last weeks (and while we wait for Family Guy from Zen) I decided to give Pinball Planet a try. Well, it was a pure loss of my time. The game comes with three tables, Halloween


and Pirate

but you can play only one at the beginning: you must progress to some level for the remaining two to be unlocked. I found it faster, after having tried one table, to just reset the game and choose a different table starting afresh.

There is nothing positive I could say about this pinball. The graphics are cheesy, the gameplay uninteresting and the physics below par. The developers spiel goes like this: "it combines the best parts of old-school pinball games but adds original and fun digital additions that are not possible in real-life pinball games". By this last statement they mean animations "à la Zen" which, as you surely know, I cannot stand. At least, when Zen Studios add all those moving parts in their games they do it with an excellent taste both graphically and animation-wise. Here the animations are just intrusive and disrupt the gameplay. So, even if the price of Pinball Planet is minimal I wouldn't recommend trying it. Just go back to your preferred pinball and spend your time having fun.

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