23 September, 2015

Red Show from Zaccaria Pinball

ASK Homework just released another table in the Zaccaria collection, Red Show.This brings the total of pinballs in the Zaccaria collection up to 42. There is some rumor that this will be the last Zaccaria table from ASK Homework, but one never knows. Anyhow, Red Show

is not among my preferred Zaccaria tables. It’s not that I do not like simple pinballs where you do not have that much to do apart from hitting the ball trying to aim at targets. It’s the physics of the ASK Homework simulations that make for a frustrating game. Even if you crank the flipper force to a maximum and tilt the table as much as possible, the game is sluggish. Having played with Red Show for a few minutes, and after having taken the mandatory screenshot for the blog, I decided that I had better go back to Addams Family.

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