01 September, 2015

Season 5, Pinball Arcade première

The first pinball of season 5 of Pinball Arcade is here and it is beauty. The Getaway: High Speed II is a fast-car themed pinball with an nice design and an interesting gameplay. 

As is always the case with Farsight pinballs you have to choose an adequate ball. Given the basic colours of the table I found that a plain white ball was a good choice. I enjoyed the game right away and the Supercharger feature is really great. 

As you have certainly noticed I am a harsh critic of Farsight. But you have to give it to them. They have by now produced 62 (count them!) simulations of existing pinballs, among which you can find some masterpieces. Of course the price is quite steep, in particular when you wish to play both on your iPad and your Mac, since you have to buy the same table twice. But, had Farsight not existed, I don't know how we could have had all those classic pinballs at our disposal.


  1. Wow. I was positive I left a comment about "High Speed" . Must have forgotten to submit the comment! Yeah,, I knew you'd like this one. Ironically, it's the very first table made for Visual Pinball, and it;s shown up elsewhere also. This is without a doubt the best version I have ever played. Went and pre-bought the whole season 5 pack also (something you can do on Steam) hoping that Fireball and 8 Ball Dlx will make the cut somewhere during the season. As I pointed out in a previous comment, they did well in the Pinball Arcade poll...

    1. You'll get at least half your wish this month. TPA is slated to release an em 2 pack w one of the tables most surely being fireball. Second table may be the em version of el dorado but no one is 100% sure. We shall see......