01 December, 2015

Gameprom's new table

The new addition to the Pinball HD line is here and I must say that I am underwhelmed. Much as I like (as a general rule) their pinballs and I appreciate the fact that they are keeping the pinball activity on iOS alive, I must say that I could not get to like their most recent table. Street Racing 

is the 20th table of Gameprom and although it has sound physics and nice graphics it is a bit of a let down. Why on earth did they have to cramp the table to (practically) two-thirds of the available surface just on order to have the racing lanes on top? What is this adding to the game? Perhaps the developpers have been trying to imitate Zen pinballs and their moving parts (a very bad idea in my book).

Well, to be fair, the game is not really bad. The reduced playfield requires higher precision in handling the ball and the latter does seem to avoid draining on its own. You can try the game for free in order to shape your own opinion. For me it is a game I will not be coming back to. There are so many better tables by Gameprom to choose from.

1 comment:

  1. Purely by fluke I bought the table at most 10 or 15 minutes after it was released. I had just done a search for new pinballs for Mac and did another on a whim a few minutes later.. where it suddenly appeared. I didn't realize it was a new pinball just released that day until I read the writeup a little later..
    I don't recall it being very expensive for a GameProm ( $3 ?) but it was it's similarity to the Sierra Nascar Racing Pinball that attracted me. OK they're really basic pinballs, but I have fond memories of the Sierra pinballs. Even Sometimes I just want to bash the ball around for a bit.
    I agree it can be a letdown if you are expecting better.. but just think of it as a sophisticated Sierra...