18 December, 2015

Timeshock is finally out for the Mac

After the recent beta the first official release of Timeshock for the Mac is now available. As I was guessing when the beta appeared, it did not take long for the people at Barnstorm games to fix the few remaining bugs and provide us with a great, playable version of Timeshock,

and in the same time prove how un-Farsight-y they are. In my previous post on the beta version I reported the complaints of a user concerning the fact that the table is too bright and the light controls did not exist anymore (as they did in the alpha version). Well, these controls did make it to the 1.0 release and as you can see in the screenshot above they allow you to bring down the table brightness to a very comfortable level (OK, it is perhaps too dark. I should readjust this next time I play). This is a proof (but did we need one?) that the Barnstorm people are listening (and acting). 

The current version of the game does not support changing the default key assignments using the GUI. The Barnstorm team promises that they will be added soon. In the meantime, you can change the controls but you have to use the command line. (If somebody is interested I could post detailed instructions on how to do this, but one has to be familiar with the Terminal).

I did play a few games and, curiously, I found the gameplay smoother than in the beta version. This may be just an unwarranted impression, or just due to the comfort the full-screen mod is providing. Well, who knows? This might reconcile me with Timeshock (while we wait for BRUSA).


  1. I installed it today and am very happy how this turned out. I'll be playing the mac version in the coming time. Merry x-mas.

  2. Well I guess it's still only availabler for kickxtarter contributers. Unfortunately ,I can't find anything on the web making it generally available. :sigh: