16 December, 2015

Zen's Eldorado

Zen Studios released one more table of what, following my fiend's Nick suggestion, I call Zen Pinball 1 collection. The new table, Eldorado, 

is one I really did like a lot. Curiously I don't think there is any Zen Pinball 1 table that I do not like, while the same does not apply (and by far) to their remaining pinballs. Mind you, Eldorado is not an easy game. The table is too bright and it is difficult to discern the details. Fortunately the contrail (which I normally hate) does help to follow the ball. If you watch out for Zen typical moving parts and animations (I do) rest assured: there is none. The game is a classical pinball and thus one gets to enjoy an undisturbed gameplay. The fact that the ball does not drain too easily does also help.

Eldorado is a game I would recommend without hesitation.

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