24 July, 2016

Timeshock update

I don't know whether this is an update for Kickstarter backers only or if the game is available at large. So, taking the risk to frustrate the fans who cannot have access to this version, I am going to give a brief report on the Mac version 1.2.1  that made its appearance a few days ago.

When you launch the app you are asked to download the table corresponding to you screen resolution.

It takes quite some time and when it's finished you are sent to the welcome screen. 

If by any chance the default illumination is not to your taste (I prefer the more subdued one, myself) you are back to the downloading screen and in for another quarter of an hour of waiting.

There are several settings screens I will not bother you about. I prefer to show the one that is quite new and somewhat disappointing. It has to do with the golden ball. 

You can now choose a silver or a gold ball (provided you have already purchased it) through the appropriate settings screen.

However the gold ball is a let down. While it has a metal sheen its colour is a sickly yellow and given that the dominant colours of the Timeshock table are yellow-green the "gold" ball is a worse choice than the standard, silver, one. 

Another feature that I hadn't tired before was the glass-off mode.

It's funny for about 10 seconds and could be useful only if you wish to explore a game you play for the first time. In the case of Timeshock glass-off this is definitely of limited usefulness. 

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