05 January, 2017

Gameprom's new table: Vikings

I must admit that I was a little bit worried. The last table of Gameprom to be released was Mafia in July. Over the last 6 months we did not have any update from this mobile game developer, one of the few that produce quality pinballs for the Mac&iOS. Fortunately today's update of the Pinball HD app brought a new table, Vikings

I gave it a try and my feelings are mixed. While I usually love the Gameprom pinball graphics this time I found them not really to my liking. Too much red perhaps? And the concept is a little bit weird. Are we on a ship? If yes, what is the ship on the left doing on-board? I also found the foam effect rather poorly designed and the land (island) could have used a little bit more texturing, even if this is not essential for the game. I think that Gameprom reached a level of perfection with Red Planet and it is difficult to reproduce it since. 

The physics are always OK, but the gameplay is not particularly exciting. The playfield is uncluttered and some shots do ask for precision. The ball does not drain too easily allowing one to play for quite some time (and one has always the possibility to opt for an extra ball). I happened to play the game with sound on and I found that the accompanying music was of very good taste. If you like Gameprom's pinballs you could give Vikings a try.

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