16 January, 2017

Why, oh, why are people insisting on these "pinball" games?

I have often written about games which are supposedly pinballs and which are nothing but games where you kick a ball around with flippers. For me all these games are abusing the "pinball" moniker. This does not mean that they cannot be fun. It's rare but sometimes it happen. I have recently written a post on Pinout a game with nice graphics and which is really interesting. However the last supposedly pinball game, Ascending Pinball

is something we can immediately forget about. It is so stuffed with advertising that you have to spend more time watching videos than actually playing. But this is not so bad as one could surmise: the videos are much more interesting than the game itself.

I am often complaining at the crapware that passes for pinball now-a-days. But games like this one necessitate the creation of a new class: non-pinballs. And unfortunately we are getting more and more of them recently.

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