02 January, 2017

Steam pinballs and the Mac

I should have titled this post "The sad state of Mac pinballs on Steam" but then I decided for a tamer title. Well, it remains that it's a sad state indeed. When you look for pinballs on Steam you leave really disappointed. Some of the classics are there: ProPinball (Timeshock), Pinball Arcade and Dream Pinball 3D. You have also some crappy pinballs like Momonga Adventures

(is it really a pinball? For me it is a game with flippers), Snowball (I have already written about) and Hyperspace Pinball (it exists also on iOS, I tried it and you can forget about it).

The Pinball HD and Zen Pinball and the Zaccaria collections exist only for Windows. For the first two Mac-specific apps do exist so the absence of Mac-Steam app is no big deal. For the Zaccaria collection it is really a pity but I am afraid that ASK Homework is a very small company and had to choose priorities. Perhaps, one day, if they survive, they will bring this nice pinball collection to the Mac.

And now for the real shock. Stern Pinball arcade does exist on Steam and it is Windows-only. After the disastrous iOS10-only choice FarSight is adding insult to injury as far as Apple users are concerned by limiting their Stern Steam app to Windows. Does this mean that they edging slowly out of the Mac? Time will tell. But for the time being I am really, really pissed-off by FarSight.

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