22 January, 2017

They are on a spree

Another one of those non-pinball pinballs has made its appearance. To tell the truth it was announced long ago and I kept an eye open for it. Super Hyper Ball 2 is an evolution of (you guessed it!) Super Hyper Ball where the main innovation is the addition of flippers.

The game is announced as a pinball-breakout hybrid and while I can understand the "breakout" part I don't see how it could qualify as a pinball. Also the finger position for the flipper control is totally un-natural for a pinball player. Of course it could not be otherwise since one has to control also the bottom reflection bar but I noticed that while playing I had the tendency to forget the flippers and take care only of the bar.

Is SHB2 a bad game? Not at all, especially if you like breakout games. (I do). My only critique is that at times the ball stays too long in the upper part getting reflected around and one's attention may drift. But, hey, this is also part of the gameplay. To put it in a nutshell. You could give SHB2 a try. You may like it provided you do not expect a pinball.

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