07 October, 2014

A Kickstarter for Farsight

I was going to write a post to urge you to go and pledge something for the Kickstarter project of Farsight to be funded. The project ends on October 12 and a few days ago it was 10000 off its goal. While checking today, just before I posted this entry, I had the nice surprise to see the total of pledges exceeding the goal. So the project will be funded.
In case you wonder, I pledged 7 $ so that I get the table on a single platform, which in my case will a Mac. Having played Plants vs. Zombies and Walking Dead on a big screen I feel that a classic like Addams family can only be fully appreciated on the largest possible screen.

Yes, it’s the Addams Family we are talking about here. One of the best pinballs ever designed by whom I consider the best pinball designer: Pat Lawlor. It is supposed to be available on this coming February and I am convinced that Farsight will respect the deadline they set themselves. 

I do not miss an occasion to criticise Farsight. However I must admit that they are doing their best in order to preserve the classics. Of course they are in this business in order to make money but the fact that they are reviving the pinballs we loved is highly commendable. In the present occasion I am 100 % supporting Farsight.


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  2. Nice, looking forward to playing Addam's Family.

    In a recent newsletter they presented a release for a new Ghostbusters pinball. Not a virtual rebuild of a classic pinball but a virtual pinball fully designed by themselves. May be worth a look, I think.

  3. It's actually a re-skin of haunted house. Also it's going to be a free table that you get 1 token oer day free on and two if you have TPA installed on your device. It looks like you won't be able to buy it outright which sucks. However a lot of people are bad at match and would rather make numerous micro transactions so they may make a lot of money. As long as the don't switch TPA to this format im ok with it. Perhaps they can re-invest that extra money intro high cost tables and we won't need kick starters any more!!

    1. In the meanwhile I played The Ghostbusters and realised it is indeed Haunted House with a Ghostbusters theme pasted on. I was expecting a new table so this is a bit of a letdown. But still it looks nice and plays as good as the original (with some nice tweaks).