25 October, 2014

Ghostbusters by Farsight

Delivering on their promise, Farsight released the Ghostbusters table for iDevices. The theme is inspired by the movie and features paranormal entities distributed among the three levels of the table.

The table is touted as an original one but I am not of the same opinion. Even a cursory glance makes bells ring and it does not take long to understand why. The game is a dressing up of the Haunted House table, which is part of the Pinball Arcade series, with some minor tweaks.

Did I like playing Ghostbusters? Yes. It is indeed a nice game. However I like the original Haunted House table even more.

Ghostbusters marks a departure from the standard Farsight pricing policy. You get the game free of charge and 10 tokens to begin with. Once they are over you must either purchase a bunch of 10 tokens or wait 4 hours for another token to materialise. (Or, is it 6 hours if Pinball Arcade is not installed on your device? Not sure). People have been nagging about this but I do not find the new system so constraining. However, I rarely play a given table more than three times in a row. Perhaps what Farsight are trying to do with the Ghostbusters table is to explore the freemium possibilities as a viable commercial policy. Will this replace the standard Farsight one where you pay for a table and can play it as many times as you wish? Only time will tell.

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