16 October, 2014

Phantom of the Opera

When I discovered that Farsight had launched a kickstarter for the Addams Family table and moreover season three was coming to an end I started thinking that we were going to have to wait for February or so for the Addams Family to materialise, playing the same old season 1 to 3 pinballs over and over again. It turned out that I was unnecessarily pessimistic. While pursuing the development of special tables like the Addams Family, Farsight keeps producing new tables with clockwork regularity.

Season four was thus launched with a bang, bringing another classic to the digital pinball arena: Phantom of the Opera. 

After playing a few games I may say that I do like the game (although it will never be in my top list). The graphics are nice and the table is uncluttered (which, if you have been following this blog, is something very important for me). The standard ball is, of course, to be proscribed and even the white one, which works in most circumstances, is not always perfectly visible. The one thing I like a lot in this game are multiballs, which are easily obtained. And the one thing I hate are those constantly blinking lights which manage (at least for me) to spoil the game and put me in a foul mood. 

All in all this is a nice pinball which can keep us occupied till the arrival of Addams Family.

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  1. Last season I got a full season's pass (which made it a little more affordable) just before Apple pulled the plug on selling in-app-purchases upfront. This season I may have to wait till the end of the season to get a full season pass? I do think Farsight’s tables are too expensive as is. So any discount is welcome.