11 October, 2014

Gameprom delivers

In a recent post of mine I was making clear that I am sceptical about the bright future of digital pinball. I was ending that post with the sentence “How long have we been waiting for Gameprom’s Red Planet?“. Well, at least as far as Red Planet is concerned, my pessimism was not fully justified. Red Planet is here and it is a beaut. 

I haven’t explored yet all the possibilities of the game but the table is simply gorgeous. Combine this with the fact that the ball does not drain too easily and one can really enjoy playing Red Planet. There are some unnecessarily moving parts (I am thinking at the shuttle loading the next ball) but they do not interfere with the gameplay. 

And in this case good things come in pairs. Another new table is delivered along with Red Planet, Pirates

This one puts the player upon the deck of old-times pirate ship. While respecting the layout of a ship’s deck the Gameprom people managed to have a mainly uncluttered table together with secondary tables which add to the interest of the game. Multiballs are really fluid and I find the fact that at times you are playing simultaneously in two different parts of the table refreshingly challenging.

The two tables are sold at less than the price of a single season-three Farsight table. There is no reason to hesitate.

1 comment:

  1. Of course we already established that it is also a matter of taste. I got bored with Gameprom's tables and these 2 don't make me change my mind. The clickety sounds of flippers and other elements annoyed me fairly quick in the series. Why not use something more realistic? Also they keep re-using the same lay-out and element ideas. A different theme does not make up for that. I know you (and I) do have issues with the Farsight collection (ball visibility) but the Pinball Arcade is still the one I am coming back for. At least these are digitized versions of real world pinball games by different designers and companies. This makes for a far more diverse collection then other collections, like the one by Gameprom. Sure, Gameprom makes originals and that counts for something. But after a couple of their tables it feels like a re-run. To me that is. In the end it's about taste.