17 October, 2014

Two nice new pinballs by Zen

I could not imagine that I was going to become a Zen pinball fan. As you may remember I did like their Walking Dead pinball and the series continues with the two South Park themed tables. I purchased them as soon as they came to the Mac, since my recent experience is that one can best appreciate  Zen pinballs on a large screen. Imagine what it will be on a 5K iMac screen ;-). (Perhaps it is the large screen that is making me change my mind about Zen pinballs. Who knows?).

The two tables are based on the South Park animated series. We have South Park Super-Sweet 

featuring the series main characters Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny and many others.The second table is South Park Butters' Very Own, 

featuring the famous "Professor Chaos".

Both tables are very nice graphically. One does enjoy the gameplay and the reflections on the ball are cleverly arranged so that the ball remains clearly visible all the time. Should I add that the price is 40 % lower than that of the Farsight pinballs?  

I haven't watched a single episode of South Park but, having enjoyed the pinballs, I may well give the series a try.

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  1. I love Southpark. So maybe I should give these pinballs a go. ;)