20 November, 2014

Timeshock iOS beta is available

The long awaited Timeshock beta has arrived on the iPad (and iPhone too). What started as an alpha version became finally a beta and I must admit that the Barnstorm team did not exaggerate at all when they started calling this version a beta. It is true that there are several features missing but having tried the game (only on the iPad and just for a few exploratory games) I must admit  that it is perfectly stable. There is no comparison with the alpha version on my iMac.

The game looks gorgeous on my iPad Air retina screen. It plays really fluidly even for multiballs. The one thing I could not tell is whether the physics engine is new or just the port of the old one to ARM processors. Be it as it may I am bound to agree with my friend Marco: sometimes it is better to wait a little bit longer in order to have a great product.

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