14 November, 2014

Zen to the fourth

The last update of the Zen Pinball reserved a nice surprise for all pinball fans. Four new tables were ported to iDevices. All four existed previously on other platforms and their adaptation to iOS was a matter of time. They are graphically superb as you can judge for yourself. We have, 

Secrets of the Deep



and Pasha

I was waiting for this last one since I have seen the table on the Zen Studios website and I purchased it right away. The game is nice, the graphics rather unobtrusive (not like the graphics of some other Zen pinballs). I would have liked some more heavily oriental-accented voices and, to tell the truth, the musical background is pretty lame. But all in all the game stood up to my expectations.

I did not purchase any other table and, since there is no demo, I cannot give a precise opinion. You have to find out for yourself. But they are not that expensive and you could let yourself be tempted.


  1. Sorry to place this comment under the wrong spot but I'm not sure how to contact you otherwise. Zen has regaled another update with another new table as well as a few new graphics options and a new table. I think you will be impressed. Also TPA is scheduled to release Party Zone any time now today. R

    1. Hi Reagan,

      You can contact me at my google's mail. My name there is basigram

  2. Wow.. I've been pestering Zen for over a year to port the windows-only tables of Rome., Pasha, Secrets of the Deep, Biolab, and a couple of others I can't quite recall ATM. Apparently there were licensing issues. If they're now out on iOS maybe they're on OSX, now or in the near future. Going to check it out Maybe an early Christmas present is in the works!

    1. P.S. You wrote that these tables were available on other platforms previously.. which was essentially only consoles and Windows, actually, and that it was only a matter of time. Well, it wasn't a given at all. The reply I got from "Barbie B. Bomb" at Zen's blog was that they would probably *never* see the light of day on Apple at all, due to licencing issues. It's fortunate, then, that they did!

  3. I originally had a Windows version of this (Before my windows partition became too corrupted to even boot) with all the original tables such as Pasha and Rome, etc.. At the time the Mac version was brand new.. I got it almost the very first day it was available, perhaps you may remember. It only had a half dozen tables though, compared to what must have been 32 on the PC. Despite my pestering them for these foiur ( they called the "core collection" ) most of the new tables on the Mac were Marvel superheros. Further , they kept saying that licensing issues made adding these tables absolutely impossible on anything but certain platforms. "It will never happen" etc...A Pinball Angel must surely have been at work though, because they're ALL on OSX now!. Maybe there's even newer ones on consoles, and windows that aren't on the Mac, but you know what? I don't care! I'm whistlin' dixie. These four tables are really superior, and the only real reason I installed Zen in the first place.. My favorites in order are Pasha, Rome, The Deep and Biolab..
    So I would say this pretty much pushes it equal to, and occasionally surpassing, PInball Arcade, y'think?
    Now if only Zaccaria would make desktop versions too (sigh!)