15 November, 2014

Timeshock on iOS has almost landed

I know, I know. At the time I am writing these lines it has not arrived yet but yesterday the Barnstorm team announced that the first iOS beta of Timeshock was submitted to the iTunes store. The alpha/beta testers will have access to it shortly. It goes without saying that I will report on it asap.

You have noticed that they are labelling it a “beta” test. According to their announcement the beta has almost all of the content they expect to have in the first public release, with the exception of nudging, online leaderboards, ambient light level control and a few other little things.

Beta’s for other platforms are under preparation. Ade (Adrian Barritt who is heading the Barnstorm team) is ending the announcement acknowledging that the development “… is taking longer than any of us would've liked, but we're doing all we can to get it to you as soon as we can”.

The announcement included some interesting screen captures.

They came with an added note:
“In case you are wondering what 'Deluxe only' means; the plan is to offer a standard version without Glass Off Mode and the Operator's Menu, and a Deluxe version that includes them”.
Well, I guess this is a reasonable choice. But on the other hand, being a backer I will be getting this feature automatically (not that I haven’t payed for it already). 

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