01 November, 2014

Mensis Mirabilis

I cannot think of another magical month for digital pinball, like the one just over. It started with the Zaccaria pinball series new addition: Spooky. 

I did not report on that table. I did try it and it has the usual qualities and imperfections of the ASK-Homework/Zaccaria line: a not bad pinball, without many bells and whistles but one which shows its age. Anyway, the month was on a good start. 

The very same day Gameprom published two tables: the long-awaited Red Planet and Pirates. I did like both tables (although my friend Marco was of a different opinion). 

Soon afterwards the Kickstarter for the Addams family table was successfully funded, which means that in a few months we'll get to play this classic of classics.

Just after this successful kickstarter, Farsight launched the fourth season of tables with Phantom of the Opera. 

Zen Studios followed suit with two South Park inspired tables, which I purchased for the Mac (and never regretted).

Since Halloween is approaching, Farsight published a table independent from the Pinball Arcade line, inspired by the movie Ghostbusters.

Count them: we have 7 new tables and a quasi-certainty for a big classic to come in a near future. When have we seen an activity even remotely comparable? Yes, October 2014 was indeed a mensis mirabilis for digital pinball.

Ah! If only Littlewing had not folded ...

I was hoping that on the very last day of the month, Timeshock alpha would arrive on iOS. People at Barnstorm games have been hinting about this alpha being almost ready and I was counting the days hoping that they would indeed release it before the end of October. Alas, there has been another delay. The wait is getting longer and longer.

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