17 November, 2014

Zaccaria’s slimming diet

The Zaccaria pinball line, by ASK Homework has been updated to version 2.9. The most impressive change is that instead of taking a whopping 800 MB of storage the new version manages to cramm everything into 200 MB only. This was obtained, according to their announcement thanks to removing some unnecessary files and features as well as compressing some textures. In fact every time I was inspecting the state of my iPad I was hesitating about dumping Zaccaria altogether (but relenting each time).

The update came with a new table, the bowling themed Star’s Phoenix.

I did not like this table at all. In fact this is the first time that I see a ball drain right after launch. The problem is that the Zaccaria pinballs are old and since, in my case, there is no nostalgia I, as a general rule, cannot appreciate them.

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