21 December, 2014

Farsight’s Christmas present

By now everybody knows that I am a sucker when it comes to Pat Lawlor pinballs. This time Farsight decided to offer us a Christmas present with one of the very first Lawlor pinballs, Earthshaker.

While it is just the second pinball designed by the grand master it is a great table with all the features that make the Lawlor pinballs unique. The graphics are superb and the gameplay really interesting. I was hooked to the game from the very first moment. 

My only deception is that the sinking building feature does not seem to be implemented in the digital version. (But then I just played a few games and I may be wrong).

At this point I will repeat myself: the game is made harder to play by the “invisible” ball. In fact I was not able to find a ball with a suitable colour. The table is multicoloured and thus whatever I tried was not really satisfactory. Perhaps a green ball is slightly better than the white one but still (very) far from perfect. It is not clear whether Farsight will one day correct this (despite their answer to my friend Marco’s mail that they will be looking into this).


  1. One thing I have to say about Steam, as opposed to Apple's app store, on OSX, is that I do not need to buy these tables to play them. Admittedly, the "free play" feature only goes as high as the lowest recorded score, so if somebody really atrocious at pinball decides to submit their score then the game will be terribly short. It's not all that common that somebody is proud of being a complete washup, however. Certainly I wouldn't submit a dismal score ;-) Even so it gives a taste of the game. I'm going to give this one a go ASAP. Lawlor's tables are somewhat legendary, after all..

  2. I tried the demo version. It is great but I am standing by my word and not buying until ball visibility is improved.

  3. Apparently because, even though Williams made 200 tables with the shrinking building it was considered a prototype so FarSight isn't permitted to duplicate that feature unless Williams signs off on it which I guess won't happen. They can only duplicate the official. Release. Starship Troopers is out this month the Addams Family in Feb!! Woo Hoo.