17 December, 2014

Why ProPinballs are the best

A new beta of Timeshock for the iDevices just came out with bug fixes and some additions. However what attracted my attention was the list of things to be implemented and which are in progress. Here is a screen capture from the ProPinball forum.

Notice the “Ball can be hard to see”. In fact when the first beta came out I wrote to Adrian Barritt pointing him to my blog entry where I was commenting on the ball’s visibility (in particular when playing in a small screen like the iPhone’s). He answered saying that they were going to look into this. I was not the only one unhappy with this feature. Other people in the forum had had the same impression. And now the problem is in the list of features/bugs to be taken care of.

How many times have myself (and other people as well) contacted Farsight complaining about the ball without effect? The fast reaction of the Barnstorm team is another proof (as if we were needing one) of their excellence. Their devotion to quality is what made (and is making) the ProPinball line the best pinball simulation ever.


  1. Actually, just recently I mailed Farsight the suggestion to improve visibility, again. To add some urgency I mentioned I stop buying new tables untill this is addressed. As a response I got my suggestion would be send to the developers to look into, again. Same response, a few hears later. Bah humbug. I' m not buying/supporting Farsight anymore. 3 seasons is enough to fix the ball visibility. It's not that hard. Stick a hard square white rectangle highlight on top and add sharp dark shadows to the bottom of the ball.

  2. It's increasingly clear to me that Farsight is a money machine only for it's developers, now. Sure, in the beginning they may have had true passion for the game, but this obsession to have it out on as many platforms as possible while doubling ther price of the season packs (by halving the amount of tables), coupled with the complete lack of response to user input, makes it seem less than copesetik. I'm glad for the good tables they do come out with, but I'm finding myself playing Zen more and more and TPA less and less.. If they start coming out with more of the mechanical tables again (8 Ball Dlx or Fireball) I might change my mind, but to quote them "there's no demand for them" i.e. "there's no profit in them".. "sigh"

  3. Yeah, that seems about right. 8-Ball Deluxe would be great.