11 December, 2014

The new Zen table: Venom

As you know I do not care much about Zen pinballs (well, with some exceptions). The most recent table, Venom, is of part of the ones I do not like at all. I watched the trailer and that sufficed to convince me to forget about this game. Why on earth should a pinball comprise gesticulating “super heroes”? They are spoiling the game! 

On the other hand there are people, probably even among the readers of this blog, who do like such pinballs. (Otherwise Zen Studios would stop producing them). For them my advice is to track down the trailer and decide for themselves if they like the game to the point of buying it. I, for one, will not.


  1. I REALLY dislike the "Marvel Superheroes" tables. It's a blatant appeal to the younger set, though, who were raised on Marvel comics and cartoons every Saturday morning. OK, so some of us were also raised on comics a bit too, but they were printed on paper and only cost 35 cents, and, even more importantly, instead of Marvel, they were D.C. comics, such as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman! Everybody knows which ones were better (!) Just like the Star Trek vs Star Wars hoopla.. . Like.. er.. no contest!
    That's why they didn't use D.C. on the Zen tables, They're not trying to attract "old" people, but young ones, who grew up on Marvel characters, and have lots of (their parents) money to spend on tables ;-) .
    The release (finally) of the four core tables, which I'd been waiting for since I first got Zen, is still enough to carry me through, however, so I don't really care what else Zen does, for the moment.

  2. This game blows monkeys for quarters. Yuck!!