05 December, 2014

Pinball and iPad Plus rumours

My recent post on Timeshock playability on the iPhone got me thinking about my preferred screen size and in particular when it comes to playing pinball. When the iPad mini made its appearance I abandoned my iPad 2 and started using the mini almost exclusively. However after having experienced this, admittedly very nice, machine I did not hesitate to ditch it in favour of the iPad Air. Playing on the latter’s screen is much more comfortable than trying to follow the ball on a 7 inch screen.

Recently we have been hearing rumours of a 12 inch iPad Air Plus and I, for one, am looking forward to this jumbo-size iPad. It will definitely be my favourite machine, when it comes to playing pinball (and other games as well). After a few years' experience on screens of various sizes my preferences are now well established. When I play pinball on the iPad I tend to favour simple tables like Tristan or Big Shot. I only try other tables for the blog’s sake. I enjoy playing more elaborate tables only on my iMac’s big screen. Although Timeshock is perfectly playable on the iPad I am still looking forward to the beta version for the Mac. I almost never play pinball on the iPhone. Perhaps if I had a iPhone 6 Plus I could let myself be tempted but since I hate phablets this is never going to happen.

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