01 December, 2014

Zaccaria’s Strike

OK, I admit it. I am a little bit old-school when it comes to my pinball preferences. I like simple pinballs with a pared-down table layout and without elaborate rules. Of course the most important thing is gameplay: it has to be somewhat challenging and always fun.

Most pinballs of the Zaccaria line do not live up to my expectations. However the most recent addition, Strike,

is an exception. The game cannot get simpler than this. Still (and in particular since those outlanes are there just for the ball to drain) the gameplay is not trivial. For once, I did not get annoyed by the sluggishness which is characteristic of all ASK Homework pinballs. Perhaps the game got more fluid after the most recent massive update of the Zaccaria pinball line or the sluggishness is there but somehow blends with the oldie (but goodie) theme of the table.

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