09 July, 2016

FarSight Season Six is under way

Just after the update in the user interface, FarSight released the first table of season six. I do appreciate a lot the fact that they do not slow down and keep producing classic tables with exemplar regularity. This month's table is Indianapolis 500

It is (you guessed it) a car-racing themed game. Somehow car-racing tables are a favourite of pinball designers. Alas, not really a favourite of mine. Had I to choose a theme I would always opt for an amusement park one (and it is no secret that one of my preferred pinballs is Funhouse). Back to Indy. The table is uncluttered but the colours in the lower part make the choice of a proper ball really difficult. Add to that the shadow that some FarSight genius has added to the ball and you have a ruined gameplay. All the more so since the game is fast and one must have good reflexes in order not to let the ball drain.

I usually prefer unsophisticated games and Indy strikes me as such. Still I could not really relate to it. Of well. Win a few, lose a few, they say.

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