22 July, 2016

Mafia by Gameprom

Without much fanfare, an update of the Pinball HD collection brought a new table, Mafia. I don't think that I have to explain what is the theme of this new pinball :-)

It's a nice table with the slightly blocky graphics that characterise the most recent Gameprom pinballs. The lower part of the table is a little bit too cluttered to my taste but this is not really annoying unless one uses the flying camera setting. For once I played the game with sound on and I found that music and sounds were of very good taste. 

The gameplay is interesting and at times challenging (in particular when it comes to shooting the moving thug at the upper part of the table). One can play the game as part of the Pinball HD collection. However if you wish to just try it I recommend the standalone version which one can play by accepting to view some ads. Do not hesitate to try Mafia: it's a nice pinball.

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