04 July, 2016

FarSight's new user interface

The last update of the FarSight Pinball Arcade, just before the Season Six launch, brought a new user interface. I had been unhappy about the previous one since a few seasons. Having to roll the table thumbnails in order to get to the one you were looking for was, to put it mildly, particularly awkward. In the newly minted user interface the tables are grouped in a contact-sheet thumbnail collection

which you can organise in various ways. It is certainly an improvement over the previous one. Is it good? Well, only time and use will tell. For the time being the one thing I would have liked is a pop-up with the name of the pinball when you touch one. In most cases the icon does allow to read (or guess) the name of the table but the pop-up would have been a nice feature.

Talking about features, rest assured: the standard ball is still of the invisible persuasion.

1 comment:

  1. I think I may like it better. You're right, a pop-up would be helpful, however. I haven't booted into El Capitan recently so am I to assume they updated the tables but haven't yet started season 6 ? Although I am curious which it will be, I really doubt it will be a retro table like 8 Ball.. Maybe I'll check their blog. Anything I find out I will report here. Cheers