17 July, 2016

FarSight will always be FarSight

I have recently written about FarSight's new user interface which I find a definitive improvement compared to the previous one (where you had to scroll through a list of 60+ games in order to find the one you wished to play). Being an incorrigible optimist I was under the impression that the FarSight developers would have profited from this overhaul in order to correct bugs in their games. No, I wasn't hoping for an improvement of the ball visibility. I have given up on this point since quite some time now. I was just hoping to see some blatant bugs disappear. Apparently that was too optimistic. Here is a screen capture of the score screen for my preferred game, Big Shot

As you can see the 10k bug is still present. Manifestly, one can always count on FarSight to do things not in the right way.

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