28 December, 2016

Shame on you FarSight

I did not plan to end the year on such a bad note but when I tried to install the Stern Pinball Arcade from FarSight I got a shock. The app requires iOS 10 in order to run. Get real guys! Why on earth a pinball app would necessitate iOS 10? For me this is a sign of pure laziness on behalf of the FarSight team. Both my iPad and iPhone run iOS 9 and I don't know when (and if) I will upgrade to iOS 10. So for the time being testing the Stern Pinball Arcade on my i-devices is out of question.

Now to tell the truth I did test the app, in a roundabout way. I have also an android-based Huawei phone (long story, don't ask) which I use only in order to run apps that do not exist on iOS (like the great WoodBall, pin-soccer game, I should write about one day). So I installed the Stern Pinball Arcade and gave it a try. There is nothing to be excited about. Out of the 12 existing games, 11 are part of the Pinball Arcade. The only new table is AC/DC

There is also an announcement of Ghostbusters. I hope we are talking about this table

and not the thinly veiled Haunted House variant they released in 2014. Asking 10 dollars for that table would have been preposterous (although I remember having fun playing it).

There is also an announcement for a Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons table but I hope that it will be also released for the "standard" Arcade. Forking their platform would be an act of contempt for their followers. But still producing an iOS10-only game is pure disregard of the users and something FarSight should be ashamed of.

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