05 August, 2013

Friend's influence, one more time

While exchanging correspondence with my friend Marco it turned out that a favourite pinball of his is "Taxi" from the Farsight collection. Since I haven't presented a detailed review of all the Farsight tables at the time the blog was launched, Taxi did not get any review at all. Moreover I must confess that I had not even played it once. This is now remedied. Taxi

is a very nice table, uncluttered with rather simple objectives and, what is more important, the ball does not drain all the time as it happens with other Farsight pinballs. (This is where a little bit of cheating with the laws of physics, like Fujita-san of Littlewing is doing, would be most welcome, but I have scant hopes for such, game-enhancing, improvements coming from Farsight).

Taxi is a fun pinball and one can spend a most enjoyable time playing it.


  1. Great you like it Basigram. :) I love this one indeed, a lot. And would not mind making room in my living room for a real version. Though how I'd convince my partner would be challenge. ;)

  2. I've never seen this one.. WHeere is it from? It's not part of any Pinball Arcade collection..Where did you find it? THX

  3. Ah looks like it IS in there,, I missed it too ;-) rather like this one ;-)

  4. Great you like it too, Doccus. A real classic imho.