05 August, 2013

Two new Farsight pinballs

Two new Farsight pinballs made their appearance on iDevices. The first, Flight 2000

is considered a classic. Unfortunately it did not manage to get me hooked, despite the fact that I do like oldies.

The second, Goin' Nuts, 

is a very special pinball. It was never actually commercially produced. What is even more uncommon is the fact that the game starts directly in multiball and there is a time cut-off. One needs quite different reflexes in order to play this game in a successful and enjoyable way. I must admit that I have not taken the time to adjust myself to this very unusual style of play but it would be interesting to do it one day. Perhaps I will wait for the bundle to come to the Mac.

1 comment:

  1. Flight 2000 is ok (though I don't understand why it's the most favorite Stern table for many) but Going Nuts is indeed the most interesting of the 2. The time-out puts a very different pressure on the game-play. Not only is it important to keep at least 2 balls alive, it's the building up of seconds on that timer what is the goal. The moment you only have one ball left the timer starts counting down and you need to start multiball again before the timer hits zero (shoot the ball in a sinkhole at the topleft). Quite frantic gameplay but definitely gets you in the zone once you'll get the hang of it.