22 August, 2013

What did happen to Littlewing?

A year ago Littlewing produced their second pinball for iDevices. It was a remastered revival (to borrow the expression from the ProPinball campaign) version of their classic Crystal Caliburn. It was a masterpiece and was hailed as such in this blog. I remembered that at the time I wrote to the Fujitas at Littlewing, drawing my attention to the post, and got back a nice answer, thanking me for my praise. I found it a little bit curious that no Mac version was planned (contrary to what happened with Tristan) but I thought that it was just a question of time. That was one year ago. 

Since then Littlewing 

went to total radio silence. When I was preparing the entry on the Littlewing ball quality I wrote to Fujita-san telling him that I would like to ask some questions, in particular about his famous "cheats" with the table physics. (Have a close look at the lower meniscus of the Tristan ball when in motion: you'll remark that, while the table is not really reflected on the ball, one does have the illusion of rolling. This is just one example). I was hoping to have something of an interview of the Fujitas on the blog. Alas, no answer came. I wrote again when the article was published, telling them that it was about Littlewing. Again there was no answer.

What is going on? I have only one explanation. I remember reading on their blog that the sales of CC were below expectations (at least those in the US; sales in Japan being apparently OK). Before the AppStore digital pinballs were selling at 30 $. Once iDevices made their appearance the prices dropped precipitously and even a top-quality pinball, like the ones by Littlewing, cannot sell for more than a few dollars. If one does not sell really large quantities the profits are not worth the effort invested. So, perhaps the Fujitas are pursuing other, financially more interesting, paths. On the other hand, if one looks more closely to their rate of production of pinballs, one sees that there is one release roughly every two years; so there is no reason to panic (yet).

If anybody has some info on Littlewing, it would be great to have it appear here. 


  1. I think a lartge part of their problem is that they can no longer sell their OSX pinballs, because most do not work anymore on OSX .Even the intel ones have problems on ML (can you confirm this?) I do not know about the Windows ones, but the problem there is that most of them are simply cracked. Therefore they're entirely dependant on the mobile market, essentialy iDevices.. and these do not have protection of any sort, I see them available on EVERY warez blog sometimes 50 postings of tristan in a row. Android and iDevice games are shared rampantly. It appears that people dont want to spend even 3 bucks ?
    OH, ps.. Apparently I'm the very last person who bought all their Mac oinballs at full price, before they dropped the price of all of them!
    Yay.. I'm in the pinball history books, finally!

  2. I attempted to purchase their latest Mac pinball game - Mad Daedalus - and sent the money via PayPal ($19.95) but no key code was forthcoming and total silence when I asked for an explanation. I was eventually refunded my money by PayPal but disappointed because it seems like a good game.

  3. Sad I reformatted my pc and lost my keycode. Ive been playing that game since 1995