05 August, 2013

Frogger Pinball by Silverball Studios

While perusing the Kickstarter page for the ultra edition of Timeshock (if you haven't been there I urge you to visit the page and pledge whatever you can afford) I found a mention of other pinball games by the same team mainly for Nintendo. However I was convinced to have seen a game by Silverball Studios (the ones working on the revival of ProPinball before been bought by Barnstorm Games) on the iPad. I searched around a bit and there it was: Frogger Pinball. 

It's a three table game, in fact more a game than a simulation. 

I wouldn't have it reviewed here were it not for its relation to the ProPinball team. In each tableau you must kill nasties by hitting them with the ball.

While the game is nice graphically (but still a game and, to my eyes, not a simulation) the physics engine is rather sluggish. I just hope that the new one they build for Timeshock is on par with the ancient ProPinball Physics engine.

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  1. They also did Mario Pinball Land and Metroid Pinball, both for Nintendo Gameboy Advance and both the more adventurous type of pinball. As a game they were fun, though Mario Pinball Land was extremely hard to aim the ball and had a lot of frustrating elements. But I'm hoping the goal is indeed a 'real simulation' that feels like actual pinball. So far I do think that is their aim.