01 August, 2013

Kickstarter campaign for Timeshock just launched

On the very last day of July (when I was starting to feel nervous) the long-awaited kickstarter campaign for the Timeshock ProPinball was launched. From what I can tell the initial response was great. So, if I may give an advice, if you love digital pinball just head over to ProPinball kickstarter page and pledge what you can afford.

I already wrote to Adrian, who responded immediately,  inquiring about the somewhat awkward period (they did not wish to delay further), the fact that there is no mention of Pat Lawlor any more (that project is still on, once all four ProPinballs are published) and the question of DRMs (DRM-free versions will be available but this will depend on the particular platform).

Now I will be counting the days till December.


  1. And of course, I'm already in and spreading the message. I'm feeling confident this time it will come true. :)

  2. I do hope the DRM isn't invasive.. The latest trend seems to be the requirement to be connected to the internet every time one plays. I'll be the first one to agree this is the most effective method, but I don't want to have to be online to play. And, it doesn't matter what they use, somebody will crack it. The more challenging it is, in fact, the quicker those guys will get on it. I mean, that's why they do that in the first place, it's the challenge. I think what is much worse would be if days after the game came out, some jokers posted a cracked version all over the warez sites. I mean, perhaps private sharing is one thing, but public sites everywhere? So I guess thay HAVE to use some kind of DRM, otherwise all their work will be wasted.
    The kickstarter campaign I have been following more, actually, is the (stalled) one to make an iPad emulator.. I'll be watching this one closely though, now, also.