08 August, 2013

The blog is one year old

One year ago I decided to embark upon blogging on my favourite subject: pinballs.

My choice of a title was dictated by the desire to make the blog a continuation of the page I was maintaining, since 98, on the Tower of Pin (pcpinball.com) site. Since the Tower had disappeared as a pinball-fan site, I was afraid that my efforts of keeping track of digital pinball evolution on the Mac would be for nothing. In the meantime the explosion of iDevices has revived the development of pinball simulations bringing us some pure gems (and a large quantity of crap). I could not refrain from commenting on the new iOS-specific pinballs (since I was playing many of them and even managed to enjoy some). So the scope of the blog was expanded and, a year later,

here we are. 

I started the blog with roughly 25 entries which are directly taken from the old Mac pinball history. Today the number of entries is reaching 70 and the page gets visitors from all over the world: roughly 3000 page views, one third of which are from Windows (!) machines. My friends Doc/Nick and Marco are the most faithful followers of the blog and I am greatly indebted to them for their suggestions and encouragement. 

Looking back, I think that the choice of a blog was optimal, since it puts some pressure on the blogger. So, I hope that you enjoy my ranting on digital pinball and promise to do my best to keep the blog up to date.

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  1. Happy anniversary and may there be many more years. :)