06 August, 2014

A new Mac pinball and an old acquaintance

Finding information on Mac pinballs is not an easy task. Somehow, pinballs on iDevices manage to be in the limelight to the detriment of their Mac siblings. The only reliable method I have found in order to ferret out new Mac pinballs is to connect to the App Store with the keyword “pinball” and look for something new. 

This time I stumbled upon MagicShow.

A look at the layout of the table sufficed in order to convince me that it was nothing but  the Alpha pinball which figured prominently in the post “On freeware and crapware

with just somewhat revamped graphics (which look always amateurish). From the layout of the table I do not think the gameplay will be interesting in the least, despite the presence of the magic bunny. I for one am not going to fork out 3.99 $ for this game.

Our old acquaintance Retro Pinball: Tropical Splash  has been revamped, according to its developer, with new enhanced visuals and a core game code completely re-written from the ground up. It is true that the graphics have been improved:

However the gameplay is always not very interesting to say nothing of the physics which I find bizarre, to say the least. There is a combination of gravity with friction which makes the ball motion if not unphysical at least annoying. I simply cannot fathom why my friend Nick likes this game.

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  1. Well, my initial enthusiasm was due to the promptness with which the developer listened to , and acted on my complaints, somewthing which had not ever happened to me previously (or since). After about 3 minutes or less, on the table, I realized there was absolutely no actual gameplay, despite to slightly attractive table. I have long since deleted it. Perhaps that answers your question as to how much I "like" it ;-)