15 August, 2014

This is serendipity

Two days ago I published a post on what I consider acceptable pinballs where I was saying, among others, that an electromechanical pinball could indeed be built based on the template of the pinballs of the ProPinball collection.

And just yesterday the people at Barnstorm Games, who are preparing the Ultra edition of Timeshock, sent an email announcing that a Dutch company, Silver Castle Pinball
is building a true, electromechanical, Timeshock pinball. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes! There’s a long article in Pinball News with plenty of details. This is not a vague project. A whitewood with functional flippers, bumpers and ramps does exist and the various technical problems are being solved one after the other. These guys are serious. They are really building a Timeshock pinball.

But wait! They have plans beyond Timeshock. In fact they have started thinking at their next game which will be another ProPinball.

So what we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the project is successful. This synergy between electromechanical pinballs and digital ones would strengthen the Barnstorm Games position and with a little bit of luck we’ll have the full collection of ProPinballs running on modern machines.

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful news. Thanks for the heads up.