30 August, 2014

Zaccaria pinballs update

ASK Homework have just updated their Zaccaria pinball line and released the 23rd table simulation, Mystic Star getting closer to the 27-table collection (out of a total of 46 Zaccaria machines which are known to have existed over the years). 

This update, according to the developers announcement, boasts a new physics engine with more realistic bal movement, bounce and bumper effects as well as flipper handling. I tried it on various tables and I must admit that there is some improvement compared to the previous engine. Moreover the new physics engine is highly customisable which can help things a bit. 

The only downside is the in order to be able to tweak the game’s physics you must fork out money for an in-app purchase. And that’s not all. In-app purchases are proposed also for ball size, used table look, light/dark environment, additional balls (2), ball pack, flipper pack, premium camera editor and graphics tweaks. Moreover, given the default colour and light settings, you must purchase the graphics tweaks pack if you wish to have something visually acceptable. I understand that developers must make a living and I could justify almost all in-apps. After all if you wish to have a table looking old and used, well, a small expense is not unjustified. But to have to pay in order to get rid of dazzling lights on an almost black table, this is where I would draw the line.

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