28 August, 2014

Walking Dead pinball by Zen Studios

Zen Studios, in collaboration with Telltale Games, have just published a table based on the Walking Dead game, itself based on the homonymous comic book series. This time I decided to splurge and I purchased the table on the Mac rather than the iOS version. (In fact I have trouble understanding why the Mac version is more expensive than the iOS one). That was a good choice since the table is graphically superb. Playing full-screen on a 27” monitor is an incomparable experience. I must admit the Zen Studios are doing an excellent job with their full-screen graphics.

For once the moving parts are mainly confined to the periphery of the table and do not spoil the game. I am not a fan of either the game or the series so the fact that the locations and characters in the table are close to the game/comics ones does not mean much to me. To tell the truth I was hoping that the game would be as funny as the Plants vs. Zombies one but that was not the case. I found the gameplay rather uninteresting and, since the ball was not draining too easily, somewhat boring after some time.

If you are a Walking Dead fan do not hesitate a single instant: go and buy the game. If you are not, well, the table is still cheaper than those of Farsight, so you decide. 

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