12 August, 2014

Diner by Farsight

I had started worrying because I did like the three last pinballs produced by Farsight. Was that a sign that my standards were going down the drain? Fortunately this month’s table managed to reassure me. Farsight, keeping up with the one table per month cadence just presented Diner

and I did not like it. The gameplay is not very interesting, the ball drains too easily and, although the table is relatively uncluttered, the playfield makes the ball very hard to follow. I had to experiment with various balls before settling on the green one. 

Now I am looking forward to the next Farsight pinball. Somehow it was really nice when they were producing pinballs that I did like.


  1. I think you should play it a little more. It's a fun table, similar layout to Taxi but a little deeper rule set. It's a fast table? Especially on an iPad/mini. Slows down a bit on my Mac but I do agree with you that it's a ball gobbler. FarSight has had some duds lately but they are now 50 tables deep and there are many, many great tables to choose from! Reagan

    1. You are probably right. I should give the game a second chance.
      And yes, there are some excellent tables among the 50 (and counting) of the Farsight series, but there are also many that do not make the cut.