08 August, 2014

The blog is two years old

Last year I celebrated the first anniversay of the blog with a single candle cake. Now it’s tme for two candles.

The blog that started as an effort to preserve the history of pinballs on the Mac, has evolved into a blog dominated by news of pinballs for the iPhone and the iPad. In fact most new pinballs come first on iDevices before being ported (if at all) to the Mac. 

Perhaps it is this shift in perspective of the blog which explains the increase in visibility. While at last year’s anniversary the blog had 3000 page views, we are crossing now the 10000 view milestone. 

My friends Nick an Marco are still with me and from time to time I hear from somebody else which means that I have more than two readers. (By the way, I have a non-negligible amount of views from Moldova and Turkey. I would greatly appreciate a comment from these meighbours).

Once more I must state that I am very happy with the blog format. In fact, having learned how to manage a blog with this one, I was able to embark upon the more ambitious project of 

Rethinking Athletics

If you are interested in athletics or just curious, I invite you to visit this other blog of mine by clicking at the link above.

And now I must start looking for a three-candle cake.

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