18 January, 2015

On ball visibility

In a recent post I was commenting on the net improvement of ball visibility in Timeshock. As I was writing there, one can now play Timeshock on the iPhone, something that was practically impossible before. Just to make things clearer, I am giving below two screen captures centred on the ball itself. Here is a capture from the old version 

and here one from the new

The improvement is clear. Still, since I am really finicky when it comes to ball visibility, I decided to compare the Timeshock ball to the ones I consider as the standard for digital pinball, namely the balls for Littlewing pinballs.
Here is one from Tristan 

and here a capture from Crystal Caliburn. 

One can readily assess that the Littlewing balls have still the advantage when it comes to visibility. But I should not be nagging: Timeshock is quite playable in particular on larger screens.

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