27 January, 2015

Starship Troopers (by Farsight)

If you are, like myself, a science fiction fan you cannot be indifferent to a pinball based on one of the greatest SF classics. (Well, the table intro says that it is based on the movie but since the latter was based on the novel…).

In my previous post I wrote about the problem with the latest version of Pinball Arcade. In the case of Starship Troopers the situation is not catastrophic on the iPad Air as you can see from the screenshot below.

Still a large part of the screens' surface is wasted for unfathomable reasons. I did not even try to play the game on the 10” iPad and tried it on the iPad mini instead. There the situation appears normal

I did not get to play the game a lot but my first impression is quite positive. There are plenty of things that I do like like for instance the four-ball multiball or the customised face in the high score list. The only things that I did not like at all is the large central drain and the flippers’ angle, both contributing to the ball draining too easily to my taste.

Anyway, Starship Troopers is a nice pinball table, just the perfect warm-up while we wait for the Addams Family next month.


  1. You got it to work? Since last update the camera sticks in the upper right corner directly after launching the ball. Which makes it completely unplayable. I am about to trash Pinball Arcade altogether and be done with it. Quality control means nothing to Farsighted. Bah humbug!

  2. Make sure your high scores etc are backed up then de/reinstall. Unfortunately you then have to re-download all you tables but everything works fine then. Unfortunately Black Night, Firepower are unplayable and Gorgar is messed up too

  3. It got fixed in the meantime.