08 January, 2015

Why do I love ProPinballs?

Of course, the main reason is that they are the best digital pinballs ever. Super-realistic simulations, great graphics and most interesting game-play. However ProPinballs are more than this. There is a solid team at Barnstorm Games who cares about users and their experience. Having participated at the alpha/beta testing of Timeshock I can vouch for this. 

In a previous blog post I had written about the ball visibility problem and my correspondence with Adrian Barritt. Since the new version of Timeshock for iOS is out you can judge for yourselves. 

On the left we have a screen capture with the old ball and on the right with the new one. The difference in visibility is clear. The game now is much more comfortable on both the iPad and the iPhone. (Concerning the latter I must admit that while the game is now playable, in the sense that you can easily follow the ball, it is still not quite enjoyable on my iPhone 5 4” screen. As I have always maintained, pinballs are best played on big screens). 

But putting playability aside, the most important thing is that the ProPinball team take into account the feedback of the users and do not hesitate to modify the details of the game accordingly. No wonder I love ProPinballs.


  1. I'm very anxious to try this table out but I can't find it. You say it's available? Perhaps in a different market? P.s. Keep up the great work!!

  2. No, it's not available yet. They are taking care of the last remaining bugs and it will be submitted to the iTuines store probably next week.

    1. Thanks lot. Check out the new Zac update that improved strike and added a great EM table as well!! Happy New Year