07 January, 2015

On Farsight’s bad taste

I decided to try EarthShaker on the Mac. As always it is much more comfortable to play on a big screen. In fact I managed to obtain a high score on the very first try. And when I got to the high scores screen I got a shock. Have a look at the screen capture.

Apparently nobody has explained to the Farsight guys the difference between proportional and fixed-width fonts. Somehow they decided to use a proportional one and to hell with the look of the results. As chance will have it the top score contains no fewer than four 1s and thus an 8-digit number is squeezed into a space smaller than the 7-digit ones. I don’t know what you think about this, after all it is just one detail, but for me this is one more indication that the people at Farsight lack taste.

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