29 January, 2015

Timeshock is out!

Coming back from work I found a mail waiting for me announcing the availability of Timeshock at the iTunes store. If you read this post you are certainly a pinball fan. So do not waste any time. Rush to the iTunes store and download Timeshock. Digital pinball cannot get better than this. 

Well, now that I think about this I am not quite sure about what I just wrote. I am convinced that Big Race USA, when it is revived by the Barnstorm Games team will be better than Timeshock. But just to make sure BRUSA gets revived and remastered do not hesitate to spend some money on Timeshock (and write some 5-star critique).


  1. So I bought the ultra edition so that (I thought) I could play without the glass on (like Zaccaria). Apparently it's only for exploring the table so I'm still stuck with those annoying reflections at the top of the game. Any insight my friend?? If you have an email for so,done in that camp would you mind asking why they don't tell us we can't change it for actual game play. Perhaps they plan on adding later but so e news would be great. Thanks for what you do.


    Reagan Dow

  2. Hi Reagan

    I do not understand your comment. One can perfectly play with glass off, however it takes some fiddling around until you learn how to play when the ball is near the flippers.

  3. I figured it out. You must press pause before being able to turn off glass but then (on iPad) if you touch barely above the bottom of the screen you can ca toll the ball. So I've been playing regular rather then pro.

    On a different subject are you ok with me making a post to the iOS and Mac users about you page on FS's FB page ?

    1. Yes, go ahead.
      The blog is public and what I write is for everybody to read.

      Glad you figured out the glass-off thing.

  4. I will put your blog o. The FarSight FB page as well as some of the threads on pinballarcadefans.com. Love what you do and want to support it