25 January, 2015

What is the problem with Farsight?

An update to Pinball Arcade arrived yesterday (with Starship Troopers, but more on this in the next post) and it contained a bad surprise. While everything was OK on the iPhone and iPad mini, on the iPad Air the angle of view was completely off giving an unplayable view like this one.

For other tables the situation not as dramatic but still totally unacceptable. In many cases I had an unadjustable view of the whole pinball machine present in the window and thus with a useful area divided by (at least) 2.

What are people at Farsight doing? Aren't they supposed to test their pinballs on all existing machines before releasing? This incident reminds me of a last year's release where the landscape mode was mandatory making the pinball unplayable on the iPhone's small screen. Let us cross our fingers and hope that a fix comes out soon.

PS The issue has been fixed in yesterday's (02/02/15) update, but still I have trouble understanding the way Farsight works.


  1. --begin rant
    Ah, so you got it too. I mentioned it in your post after this, but I saw that before this one, obviously. I am really annoyed about a company asking big bucks and delivering big piles of turds. The only reason I did stick around was the hope it would one day get better. But it clearly gets worse. I have paid quite a lot to be able to play the classic RL pinballs. But now it's not even playable anymore. Farsighted is clearly nearsighted as well.
    --end rant

  2. As far as I'm concerned $5-$8 for a table/pro version is peanuts. Yes the recent release was a nightmare but all you have to do is back up your data, remove the app and reinstall it, then re-download it and download each table 1-3 seconds per table. Then once you restore your data your up and running. This is the first time I've ever had this problem. On iPad mini retina on 7,1,2

  3. Hi Reagan

    The problem exists on the 10" iPad. On the iPad mini everything is OK.